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Useful Online Resources for Help in Learning English

Oxford Learner’s Dictionary
Definitions, Phonemic spelling, Pronunciation (UK, US)

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Definitions (graded to language levels), Phonemic spelling (with syllables indicated by full stops), Pronunciation (UK, US)

Macmillan Dictionary
Definitions, Phonemic spelling, Pronunciation (UK only)

You can find a lot of helpful things on the BBC English website.
  • Here is the BBC’s “Learning English” home page -
  • Look for “6-minute English” if you want to listen to something different every week.
  • Look under the “Courses” tab for different levels of English, and “Features” for other things (e.g. Pronunciation).
  • You can also download and listen to Podcasts (short radio programmes). Try here:

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Interesting collection of information and help by Andy Gillett on this subject [LINK].